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Many may have received the digital newsletter from Point of Beginning today and did not

notice the editors pick in the email that David Newcomer's summation from this year's Geospatial Summit hosted by NGS was featured. For you that may not know, David is an active member of the Geospatial Users Group and a retiree of NGS. He was the NGS Advisor for the State of Florida up until his retirement. David is an excellent representative of the group and has a great depth and knowledge of geodesy that is a substantial benefit to the Users Group, which is evident from his featured article. We are honored that he represented the Geospatial Users Group at the Geospatial Summit and his efforts are being showcased.  

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The role the members and officers of the Geospatial Users Group plays in the geospatial community is vital to necessary involvement in setting guidelines and policies for which we all will be impacted. You can be involved in this by joining or participating in the group. The group is made of volunteers who all have the goal of education and outreach, you can be a part of this process. 

GPS Pioneers Honored with Queen Elizabeth's Award

The 2019 recipients of the Queen Elizabeth's Engineering QEPrize were four engineers who were recognized for their  work on creating the first truly global, satellite-based positioning system, GPS. (Except from GPS World, 2019)

Queen Elizabeth Honors American GPS Pioneers
Queen Elizabeth Honors American GPS Pioneers

NGS 2019 Geospatial Summit

Representing the Geospatial Users Group, David Newcomer, PE, PLS

David Newcomer, PE, PLS, and former NGS Advisor for the State of Florida and Geospatial Users Group member and contributor offered to attend the meeting on behalf of the group this year. Mr. Newcomer submitted the following report regarding the Geospatial Summit below in the Download Section. He attended the 2019 Geospatial Summit on May 6-7, 2019.


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